Comment: The more I learn

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The more I learn

The more uncomfortable I feel about this org.

I think they may have very well intentioned people working for them, like the Sierra Club.

But I think the whole org is not good.

I first encountered their website maybe 5-6 months ago and got really scared reading about the reach they had.

From my research, these people oppose anyone who questions a progressive agenda. And they label people. People I've voted for and people whom I think are not a threat. I've voted for Baldwin. I was appalled to see him on the list.

Alex Jones, with whom I share very limited views and have been downvoted into oblivion here for essentially labeling him as a shock jock. I don't care if the elite burn an effigy at Bohemian Grove. It's not unlike Burning Man. That should earn some downvotes again.

But I don't think he and his ilk are a hate group. As far as I can see, he's harmless. I'll stand up for him.

Genuine hate groups, sure. But come on... AJ does have some good information.

What irks me is that their criterion is corrupted. And it's very unnerving and makes me uncomfortable as I am not any risk yet I as well as us here fit their criterion as a "hate group" and that's what is un-concerting.

If you don't fall in line you are considered a hate group according to them. And why do they yield such power? Don't like Obama's or the Elite's agenda? Hate group.

People who are trying to create a better future for their kids... Hate group. Come on.

I don't know what to do other than to try and sway their employees to understand that us "patriots" just want a good country and we don't preach hate nor want to hurt anyone.

I want my son to have a good future. And that future needs to have policy changes. There's nothing hateful. I just do not at this point in time support what the people I employ do. I pay them, as do we all.

This group at the splc rub me the wrong way and I even have a streak of liberalism in me. I don't want to label myself as any group. I'm libertarian, conservative, constitutionalist, liberal, and have many facets. I've voted across many lines. Currently I'm a registered republican. I'm not a strict libertarian and I think most strict libertarians would respect that.

I wonder why these people have so much power and it scares me. It rattles my bones and I'm scared to face them to be honest. I'm a yellowbelly.

But they are doing a deep disservice even to their own.

Honestly I do not know what I can do to help the liberty movement with the splc. I'm not a racist, I love people of all colors and creeds. But I really disagree with the splc.

Where do we go. I really feel the splc is a group which violates their own tenets and I want their employees to see it.

But again, I don't know what to do. I am a follower in such things.

I've seen people respond to their propaganda and they are shot down.

What else can we do?

It's not unhealthy or unpatriotic to question a governments policies.