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Yes, I am the troll

Yes, I am the troll under the bridge gnashing his teeth at the little goats as they bleat on over the bridge.... Currently choking on irony. Hold please...

Okay. Let me be VERY CLEAR. I was awake before 9/11. I used to live 30 min from Bohemian Grove. I don't buy all of the 9/11 theories but there are many compelling theories. I was yelling from the roof top on top of my soap box standing on my tippy toes not long after #7 fell into it's footprint. I first heard of Ron Paul from Alex Jones in 2006. I personally met the good Dr. in Phoenix (birthplace of the R3VOLUTION BTW..) June of 2007. I marched with the original R3VOLUTION meetup group down central ave in Phoenix and possibly helped inspire the first "flyerbomb" in 2007 on the R3VOLUTION meetup threads. And for some reason I am "tooting" my own horn for the first time in response to your reply of my reply. Why?

Because I was there. Angry at everyone who challenged what I had to say because I knew I was right. I was always pissed off because nobody wanted to hear what I had to say. I gave up for a short time. What I finally figured out was when I was mad about this stuff nobody listened. When I planted seeds, stepped away, watered and cared for the information I "planted" into others they came around and started asking questions. It has been waaaaaay more effective.

Now, 5-6 years later people listen to me. People will ask me questions because they know I will not blow their inner circuits with an overload of new "crazy" "impossible" information.

I saw an argument on the thread and decided to throw a wrench into it... That's my job. It only hurts our movement when we argue over this stuff. It takes 15-20 years for a generation to be deprogrammed. You CANNOT force it to happen quicker than that. History shows that the human race is stubborn and very very VERY slow to admit they are wrong. I am not saying what you posted was wrong at all... I did title my reply wrong and I did not think it through. That is the only thing I will apologize for. I was living in the moment...

Just remember. And I say this sincerely, I am not being a di*k, I promise.. Nobody cares how much fruit you have produced on this site when you announce it. When you announce that you have been complimented so much on your works on this site the only thing people see is your ego. It's an intellectual turn off.

You seem very smart and just by being a part of this movement shows that. Just remember when you are out in the world talking to others about the movement you become an ambassador and a symbol of the movement. If you take the bait when others challenge you because they are scared and suck you into an argument then they can turn around and tell 5 other people of how nutty the people of the movement are if its true or not.


Truth is treason in an empire of lies