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Yes, I also agree with the OP

I have heard of rebellions which turned semi-organized and violent, although I tend to think of them more in the sense of refusal to comply with imagined authority than in the sense of martial engagement with imagined authority. I don't believe any story I've ever heard about non-violent revolutions, preferring to think of such mind programming as bloodless coups featuring PR "news" coverage on the FMSM ("Hooray, they had themselves a revolution for freedom just like Americans did").

One revolution, in my book, equals ending up right back where the trouble began. May Day. Midnight.

If one is being kidnapped one must yell out "Help me I'm being kidnapped" no matter what one's kidnappers are wearing. A rebellion in the form of refusal to comply with kidnapping cannot ever take the form of shouting things like "Go hassle someone else" or "Police brutality" or even "I'm a freeman on the land which means you have no authority over me."

One must try to be courageous enough to interact with every single other human on a one-to-one basis, no matter what the other is wearing or what type of blood they pretend to have coursing through their veins. Note that this does not extend online to "social media," where anonymity precludes any obligation for tact or PC blubbery (any chivers out there?).

In any case, I figure this is all mostly talking around one another, making essentially the same points. Freedom is The Way, and The Way cannot be codified, and so seeking freedom through rebelling against some codified "authority" is nonsensical.