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Hi ((((((bear)))))

My understanding of communism is that it has no respect and little tolerance for religion. LF is a minister (As a Catholic, I accept his religion as a constitutional right, and I don't believe he has ever been to the people's republic of communist China, though he probably has plenty of stuff Made in China.

Liberty, dearest bear, is popular. I'm sure LF has far more understanding and passion for LIBERTY than many dare imagine. I don't know him, have not read one of his books, find his speaches very long winded, yet, I understand many points he makes, about corporate control, war, prison, injustice, slavery, federal reserve.. and I see where he frightens people.

Alex Jones freightens people. Even Ron Paul frightens people.

When it comes to LIBERTY, we have common interests, which I believe is restoring the constitution for all Americans, no matter what race.

Reminds me of when Obama was running for office, and one of the big reasons people told me they voted for Obama was because "he's black." (To me, he's mulatto, mixed race, not black) LF is black, and I think it makes it very hard for some people to get through, because when I say b;ack, I don't mean mixed.. (even if he was).. LF is black as a leader, who people respect because he goes to the prisons and ministers where others desperatly need, and yet, few have the ability to reach outside their own.. so he sacres folks.. because he's angry, and who wouldn't be, listening to the what American is as he sees it, as a victim who refuses to be a victim.

LF was a kid when he associated with the BPP (whom many are in prison).. LF became a leader in his own words.. he's his own man. Weather Underground was a west coast anti-war group that got way out of hand.. the 60's were some very unreal times, and since the USA was fighting Communist Vietnam.. people who opposed war were called "communists".. but that's incorrect, in that Cathoics are considered facsists because they believe God is part of the picture. Communists and Fascists are very much alike the difference being Fascists believe in God and Communists don't. Socialism is the foundation for both.. our military is a perfect example of how socialism works.

Does the NoI hve the4 right to exist5 in America? Does the Liberty Movement have the right to exist?