Comment: I keep saying, in THIS radio show!

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I keep saying, in THIS radio show!

listen to this 4/4 archived broadcast regarding the North Korea situation.

This is, rapture-ready, Israel-first, Christian talk radio...the owner of the radio station, Vic Eliason, is hosting this program and interviewing a World Net Daily columnist(former defense guy).

Now what has set me off is that I've heard two things early on that says our nation is both inept and unprepared; North Korea has advanced itself unbeknownst to us, and we're really vulnerable right now!!!

Seriously? They closed down a nuclear facility in 2007, an immediately they built a new one right next to it and it escaped our notice until a bunch of college students got to visit it???

And, their satellite launched into space a short while ago could be thrusted back into Earth's atmosphere, and a nuclear explosion could be detonated over the United States, serving as a giant EMP that could shut down huge electrical grids, and we have no backup capability nor contingency plan(or pre-emptive plan to eliminate this potential paralysis of our grid)?

Anyway, I'd also implore YOU to listen in daily(over the internet), between 2pm-3pm central time, and by all means CALL IN and be on the air with them.

I call in once every two weeks on whatever topic moves me...they're good on biblical issues; but on politics, I think they're kissing up to the neo-con right for self-preservation reasons(maintain a big, right-wing populist audience; Fox News junkies & World Net Daily readers)...I get my Ron Paul Christian Statesman stuff in when I can...I am disgusted with status-quo Republican versus Democrat rhetoric.

Here is a You Tube clip of me calling in and talking to Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America, the day after his 2nd appearance on Piers Morgan..