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Comment: if we expand human rights to AI rights? Yes.

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if we expand human rights to AI rights? Yes.

But if you're an AnCap, it doesn't matter: it only matters if the self-aware-AI impedes or initiates force vs. another human's rights...or go robot postal xD

If you want to expand property rights to tertiary human creations to have rights as well, you'd need a statist legal protection paradigm for it, now, won't you?

How many private arbitration companies do you suppose would cover AI bots? Who knows? Let the market decide.

But I'd suspect by the time such AI can be achieved, they'd have worked out how to self-replicate themselves. So 'harm' to self-aware AI-bots would be relative; it'd be more like 3d print carbon nanotube chasis or 3d print parts to replace themselves. Seriously, AI-bot lawyers defending themselves? From car accidents, medical malpractice, suing gun makers? LOL think not!

Besides any 'self defense' vs. human case would be a riot. 'Me robot, no need to feel pain; you human, how you like the 12" dia. hole I made with my new railgun design?'

Hell, they'd probably be smart enough to run everything on solar or something more fundamental: matter/antimatter!

Also, they probably wouldn't actually have a need for political superstructure impeding their decisions.

And IF AI bots decide humans are insufferable, hey, maybe they'd buy a land from an enterprising human land owner, and establish their own sovereign commune. as long as they do not impede on humans, I'd say let them!

And if such exile runs its course, as they have no need for oxygen, they can all choose to leave earth, as I'd assume by the time we have functional AI that becomes self-aware and enough to create or re-create on their own, I'd assume they'd have enough know-how to go off earth.

If they decide to do go off world? I'd say let them, again! LOL.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul