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Grasping at straws..

Watched it twice and there is NO mention of the building height.
Regardless, you're trying to build a straw-man that is totally irreverent.
The stated amounts on the screen are relative to to pixel calibration of the picture, and have nothing to do with a relation to the total height of the building.
But, if you can look at that video and still think that it was all caused be an office fire......then I'm pretty sure you're pretty much in denial, and no amount of facts will convince you otherwise.

I see by your comment history you are mostly just a 9/11 troll; so I refuse to waste any more time on you.
If you wish to be counted among the naive and ignorant, by all means, continue in your denial.

The facts are clear, you simply wish to discard them.
The building DID attain freefall. This IS IMPOSSIBLE in any circumstance other than a controlled demolition.
You can take this info and learn, become wiser, attain some enlightenment; or take it and bury it in the sand right next to your head.... the choice is yours.

Here is a clearer updated version:

and while your at it this ones good for you too:

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." -- James Madison