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Hey dude -

Where were you during the election? Drudge wasn't giving Our Boy Ron the time of day. He threw some cursory headlines - but that's it. He ABSOLUTELY toed the mainstream line.

Somehow you think Alex Jones is anything like Ron Paul?

Alex Jones is a useful idiot. He gives us some good info on the government - but ALL of his conclusions, his deals with Drudge and his obvious fear mongering as a way to "sell entertaining information" is junk.

Take the good. Leave the bad.
That's how you treat people.

Alex brings the info. The rest of his associations and interpretations should be discarded.
Watch his interview with Immortal Technique or Joe Rogan - when other people have a positive outlook on things - Alex Jones doesn't know what to do. He gets uncomfortable. His world is uncomfortable.

I don't want to live there.