Comment: What is better?

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What is better?

I'm not sure where I stand on this issue, a background check could be good if done the right way. A gun licence could be a good thing if used for the right purpose, however understandably it is a delicate issue and this forum is obviously rather biased against that.

Things like having training and getting a licence to carry one is a bad idea. The need for a gun safe, when to use a gun and how to use it. These are things I would want if I were a gun shop owner, kind of like a driving licence.

While this can be done in many ways and don't necessarily help to prevent crime it can however help to reduce accidents with gun management. A local registry with oversight from both gun shops and police does not necessarily have to be a bad thing if used in the right way.

But given the situation in US I don't know. When people start doubting the governments intentions. Adding laws like these now will just increase the mistrust to those in doubt. Laws like these in the US is easily seen as a preparation by the government before going into a civil war. Thus in the end I think I'd advice against it unless civil war was what I wanted.

As a last note I just wanted to say that this is what I find wrong with America. It's almost as if people in power want their people to commit civil disobedience. Provoking the people with their legislation, stupid laws and then giving bad explanations like on 9/11. Things that raises question should be answered by transparency not secrecy. Transparency and taking real responsibility is the only way out of the mess they are in at this point if they don't want another civil war.