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one time I threw an ax

at a knot on a tree, from about 50 ft away. First time, the ax stuck, right in the knot.

Then I tried again - never could do it again, couldn't even get the ax to stick. It was a highly imprbable event that happened.

The point - I understand randomness, complexity and coincidence. An event as complex as a building collapse, that almost never happens, cannot be understood by a simple analogy. Add in the plane crashes, and you have an even more extraordinary circumstance.

Why anyone would so oversimplify what happened, to the point where you think you cancompare building to building on such simple tearms - collapse or not, confuses the hell outof me. Then add in that you seem so arrogant about the accuracy of your conclusions. You Remind me of a Religious zealot seeing jesus in a piece of toast, and wondering how I can possible not think it is a miracle.