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YOU use your brain

Physical money can be seized by force.

Isn't that why you still pay taxes to this corrupt government? Because if you don't, someone with a gun will come and take it from you anyway? Or put a lien on your home? Or garnish your wages? They can only seize that which they can take by force.

The authorities could come to my door right this second, turn my house upside down, and still not find any evidence that I own Bitcoin. I could flee the country without having to smuggle gold bars out in my rectum. I could just waltz right out, no wallet, no phone, no nothing... Then just find an internet cafe somewhere and reclaim my purchasing power.

While you dream for the day you can opt out of FRNs, I ALREADY AM.

I'm not saying you shouldn't own PMs (you should), but condemning something simply because you can't hold it in your hand is a rather foolishly short-sided conclusion.

I challenge YOU to "use your brain man, obviously" and think outside the box. Look at the enemy we're dealing with...