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Great exposure, but I don't

agree with is the Pope being the anti-Christ. The anti-Christ will be the messiah of the Jews, and the Jews will never believe the Pope to be their messiah. Now, if you go back and research Jacob Frank aka Jacobin Frankovich, who many followed as their messiah. He told his followers to infiltrate the Vatican as 'marranos' or crypto-Jews to manipulate it. Of course, they had to very discretely influence the movement of the Church. Some believe they used their teachings from the Talmud, which says they can have sex with a gentile child of 3yrs or older, that has lead to the many pedophilia acts throughout the Church. This could also have to do with the creation of the Vatican II, where they changed from faulting the Crucifiction of Christ to the Romans from the canon Biblical account of the great deceivery by the Pharisee following Priests. Also, in the mid 1800's the Vatican was broke and needed funds, so they go to the Rothchilds for a loan. We all know how that works. The Vatican was unable (of course) to repay the loan, so they concluded on letting the Rothschild's take over the Vatican Bank. Now, who controls who? In theory, Pope Francis could be of crypto lineage and make claim he is a Jew, but he would have to denounce Christianity for the Jews to follow him as their messiah. Possible, yes, but I doubt that will happen.