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Oh yeah?

This one time?

I was trying to hit a goalpost on a football field from the other end with an ax. I kept trying it over and over and over again but I could never get the ax even 15 yards down the field.

This went on for years. I would search the internet to find people that had done it, or just to find pointers on technique. Nothing.

Why? WHY can't I stick an ax in a goalpost 100 yards away?! SO frustrating. I mean, there just doesn't seem to be any reason why not. Right!?

Then - one day - I suddenly hit it three times in a row! Once for each side of the goalpost. And the third one hit the bottom support dead center.

The only strange thing was I never threw the third ax. Actually, I only had two.

That was weird. Oh well:

I must have had help from hijackers living in a cave somewhere in the middle east. Invisible hijackers. That's who 'trusted authorities' usually blame, so that's good enough for me!