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Thanks for the information.

"Some believe they used their teachings from the Talmud, which says they can have sex with a gentile child of 3yrs or older, that has lead to the many pedophilia acts throughout the Church."

"Also, in the mid 1800's the Vatican was broke and needed funds, so they go to the Rothchilds for a loan. We all know how that works. The Vatican was unable (of course) to repay the loan, so they concluded on letting the Rothschild's take over the Vatican Bank. Now, who controls who?"

They are in it together, the Rothschilds, Catholic Church, The Jesuits, Monarchies also controlled by Rothschild, all the Illuminati crowd. All master minds at mind control of the masses, they create our reality with lies.

Many of our authoritarian beliefs come out of Judea-Christianity. Much of it has nothing to do with spirituality, only power and control. If there is an antichrist the NWO will create it to match up with human religious programming. And the UN-awakened brainwashed will fall in line in fear. I don't believe in any anti-Christ except the one they will create with lies. More smoke and mirrors to control the masses.

I believe none of it any more, except the few passages of scripture that are truly spiritually related, and they are few.