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Comment: You will come to realize the gravity of the situation.

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You will come to realize the gravity of the situation.

"how much hardship does it take before a slave will make a move?"

I've warned before, and now again, this path is not easy. You will come to realize the gravity of the situation. On the bright side, the warning, once you realize the gravity of the situation, becomes encouragement.

Take your question above and see from my viewpoint and see if this makes sense to you now. The answer should be easy for you to see. It is easy to see for me. You ask about how much hardship, how much doom, how much gloom, how much misery, and what else?





The answer isn't even in your question because of how the FRAUD works.

The Fraud says: "Send me more of your power so that I (the frauds) can protect you."

The victim experiences some, any, hardship, and what is the victim trained from birth to do about that experience of that hardship?

Be depressed about it, and solve it, and the solution to it is the lesser of two evils, and might making right, and all the lies, and all the half truths, and all the involuntary associations that enslave us all: fraud, extortion, robbery, slavery, rape, child sex slavery, torture, murder, mass murder, and threatening all life on earth with extinction made legal.

When torture is legal, for example, like torturing children, when that is legal, and that is not enough hardship, you really need to see how the fraud works, and how it works so well, because once you see it, you can get away from it, at least in your own mind.

The solution to the involuntary association problem (hardship of slaves) isn't involuntary associations.

Paying the extortion fee, eagerly, on time, jumping as high as ordered, is not the answer to the extortion made legal problem when the payments exceed affordability especially.

One, as they say, for some reason, one red cent, why red, I supposed because it is copper, one red cent sent from one slave to one slaver is one cent too many. One red cent is one small measure of hardship for the slave and for the master compared to Equitable Commerce instead.


"how much hardship does it take before a slave will make a move?"

That question avoids any mention of how the hardship works upon the slaves by way of deceit, since knowing how the slaves are made to solve their hardship problems, and they learn to obey, and they obey without question, is to pass on their hardships to weaker people, and, of course, to pay all their surplus wealth to their masters.

The harder they are pressed into hardship, the more they are inspired, by deceit, to work to make their masters more powerful.

Here again (in case you need reinforcing evidence to get this concept understood, tested, and either realized, or thrown out for lack of reason):

From this book:

“The construction of I.G. Auschwitz has assured I.G. a unique place in business history. By adopting the theory and practice of Nazi morality, it was able to depart from the conventional economics of slavery in which slaves are traditionally treated as capital equipment to be maintained and serviced for optimum use and depreciated over a normal life span. Instead, I.G. reduced slave labor to a consumable raw material, a human ore from which the mineral of life was systematically extracted. When no useable energy remained, the living dross was shipped to the gassing chambers and cremation furnaces of the extermination center at Birkenau, where the S.S. recycled it into the German war economy – gold teeth for the Reichsbank, hair for mattresses, and fat for soap. Even the moans of the doomed became a work incentive, exhorting the remaining inmates to greater effort.”

“Conditions were such that sickness was a pervasive fact of life among the inhabitants of Monowitz. The hospital wards built by I.G. were so inadequate that even the S.S. suggested additional wards be built. I.G. refused because of the cost.”

Your question:

"how much hardship does it take before a slave will make a move?"

A competitive answer:

"Even the moans of the doomed became a work incentive, exhorting the remaining inmates to greater effort."

If you do not understand the nature of the fraud at play, as in a game, a game to those who invent this game, employ this game, and use this game, not a game to the millions who are tortured legally by it, if you don't understand it, you will be in it, for sure, because it is ubiquitous at this time; in our time.

"You see, I ask that because so many of us are willing to live in states that exact an income tax in addition to the Federal Tax. Why don't we all move to the no tax states that already exist and leave these states that exact an income tax to tax themselves?"


I followed that guys work for years now, I don't know how many years, but there is a date on the first report that was reported to me by that guy, through competitive, voluntary, mediums of exchange.

This report:

Alex Jones is a similar story, as far as I know, I've seen these guys way back in time, years, at least, decades or more, seeing them on the same path, discovering things, trying to report things, and offer solutions, at least the solution that says something to the affect of "stop providing the means by which we suffer".

Every town, every city, every county, every State, and especially every Nation State on Earth, in one way or another, is controlled by the few people running the Single Legal Money POWER.

You won't get that last sentence from Walter Burien or Alex Jones, that is my understanding of the full measure of the problem, but the problem is between each individual's ears on Earth.

People have to realize how deep the falsehoods go, past the image in the mirror, deep into our souls, because this FRAUD made LEGAL has been going on for centuries, and it has been going on in America since at least 1788. That is many years of lies building upon lies, and violence building upon violence, and once you see it, once you see how well it works, how easy it works, it is a source of hope, because it can unmake itself over night, with as much ease, all people have to do is see.

Just see it.

Like Catherine Fitts says, just talk about it, and then the other direction is being traveled at that moment by those people. The Red Button isn't pushed because the slaves think that they need Involuntary associations to survive well. The moment there is any hardship, the slaves jerk their knees on cue, and they reach for the Tax Man to enforce their involuntary associations, and the Tax Man turns out to be nothing more, but nothing less, than a man made disaster rivaling any disaster nature has ever constructed.

Just see it.

Then once you see it, see how hard it is to get anyone else to see it, and know, accurately measure, the POWER of falsehood as it seizes people's minds, their souls, and takes from them their power to reason out simple math problems.

You work, you earn, a years worth of work.

Half of the year you work for people who slaughter babies for fun and profit.

Is that not a simple math problem?

Are you dealing with adults?

Any child can see this, so what explains the lack of vision other than brain washing, behavioral modification, response conditioning, or the new phrase Manufactured Consent?

Drone warfare for fun and profit.

War is good for the economy.

Do you really think that human beings are weak because human beings are evil? I don't. I think some, very few, human beings are evil, since they define what evil is, in due time, and what they have done, what they are doing, and what they will do, these very few evil people, is lie well.

If they can lie well, they can get their victims to believe that the money they borrow from the victims are loans taken out by the victims.

Who do you know, anywhere, where that person can write that sentence above, and now, you know, you know more than yesterday, and maybe, just maybe, now you know the truth about that sentence.

I am so grateful for your perspective because it is standing on genuine Christian religion, and so much of what is in scripture confirms what I think is merely obvious, as soon as a person can strip away the lies, what becomes merely obvious?

"I say it is because of our jobs, families, and convenience of not picking up roots and moving. So, if there were truly a free place, would we go?"

We have to go into Liberty in our minds first, since the Democratic Federated Republic that can exist, does not exist, not in the minds of enough people to make Voluntary Associations work for those who start out in the morning with less and end the day with more power.

The Voluntary Government Design, a Free Market Government Invention, ended in 1788, and you have to understand how that works, or you, if you can, you can show me where I am wrong.

A Voluntary Government Design has the designed feature of having a self-improving POWER in it. Each individual is empowered, as voters who vote in Juries, who vote in local elections, who vote with their money, THEIR MONEY, not Fraud Money, who vote with the ballot box, the jury box, the cartridge box (Shays's Rebellion and Athens Tennessee are examples of the cartridge box voting method), and vote with their feet, and that is the POWER that removes the criminal POWER.

Voluntary Government is designed to minimize crime, and it has proven to work that way, in demonstrable fact.

When the most evil among us invent, design, produce, and maintain their form of government they include a self-improving element too, but the measure of "improvement" is criminal, it moves power from the victims to the criminals on purpose, for profit, for profit of the criminals, and the victims pay the bills. That is called an Involuntary Association.

You want one, then why are you paying Involuntary Taxes?

Where can we go from here?

We can't go back in time to 1776, but there are events, and ideas, and inventions, and working voluntary associations, an actual Democratic Federated Republic, to know about, from those days, here in America, and if more of us can understand how that did work, then more of us can see a way out of this present mortal danger we find ourselves involved into: INVOLUNTARILY.

What can We The People Volunteer to do now?

Is that the question?

End the FED
End the IRS
Bring the Troops Home
Have all that done by July 4th, 2013 or sooner, but not too late.