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Comment: You ask: "Does the NoI hve

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You ask: "Does the NoI hve

You ask: "Does the NoI hve the4 right to exist5 in America? Does the Liberty Movement have the right to exist?"

I am not speaking about right to exist. I am speaking about whether Farrakhan is truly a friend or whether he is a foe. And I am not speaking about color, race, religion, etc. IMO people can say alot of the right things, but that does not mean that the message is right. I question the message of the white man being the devil...LITERALLY.

IMO any race, class, religion being a boogie man is not a message of liberty. It is that kind of message that leads to ethnic cleansing. ((((((((((((((Granger!)))))))))))))))))) So, I question his message.

Look at revolutions. Many groups join together to acheive an outcome. Look what happens when a hater becomes the leader. The opposition is ruthlessly slaughtered. I am not sure of Farrakhan's motives. His message is not inclusive, but is exclusive, as in it excludes a white person based upon skin color as being the devil.

On a much lighter note, look at the video I found this morning!!! I don't have time to watch it now but plan to. It is about chickens: "The Private Life of Chickens " and of course I immediatly thought of my friend, Granger.