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Comment: Calm down.....

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Calm down.....

Firstly, let's see some proof that your thyroid disease is from Hanford and not something genetic within your family.

NWO?? Really?? I thought this was a site to bring libertarians together not terrorize posters with conspiracy theories (that I agree with to some degree).

We are not create waste. We are removing it. You should calm down and realize that since you have no idea what goes on out at site you are making yourself look foolish. Rather than concluding that thinking about nuclear waste will give you cancer, read up on it instead. Do you smoke? If you do, your daily exposure is probably more than what a typical operator would receive working at an actual nuclear reactor.

Please calm down and re-read what I have posted.

Also, your calling me a conscript for the NWO and then you openly admit you peddle drugs for big pharma.....what a hypocrite!