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Comment: GOP forfeited its future

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GOP forfeited its future

During CPAC much inexpensive blather “addressed” the need for the GOP to find it's soul, mend it's weaknesses, balance its karma, find ways to reach out to this demographic or that, trying to find a way, any way, to avoid facing its imminent irrelevance. What a waste of resources. The familiar room elephant is staring you square in your diverted gazes, you ninnies.

There is ample evidence of electronic vote-switching in key primaries. Then at the convention the party abandoned core principles of fairness and straight dealing to unethically exclude duly elected delegates brought to the convention by a candidate with an important message and a provably better chance to beat the horrifically collectivist incumbent Democrat. Instead, Romney colluded with the GOP hierarchy to ignore, slander, sabotage, steal and alter votes and otherwise thwart the will of the of people who showed up to represent Ron Paul. This is not sour grapes, it is recognition of a coup, a revolution in party control and authority that mirrors that of the Soviet Communists of old, and for exactly the same reasons.

The Republican politburo also defecated in the face of the future to spite their moral compasses by passing new rules making it impossible for a grassroots candidate to ever come close again to being nominated via the now blatantly corrupt process. Thus, an entire younger generation of GOP activists, ready to play by the two-party rules they have always been forced to work within (by incumbent-serving ballot access gauntlets) learned about real-world politics the hard way. They were assaulted, threatened, slandered, lied to and removed without cause from duly elected positions; that is, totally disenfranchised. This is not the sign of a big-tent party bent on survival after an off year, but one of arbitrary, iron-fisted authoritarian political hegemony, with no need to worry about votes or voluntary participation any more. They know future elections will be, like this one, so hacked and fixed that they are superfluous.

It's been made quite obvious the GOP will not, can not, and does not want to, face what is morally right and necessary – admit it's mistakes and overreaches. Denounce lying, torture, rendition, incessant war- and fear-mongering, destruction of due process, warrantless spying and a total lack of spending control. Common sense would say drop back to embrace some traditional core values and principles, to establish some common ground so that disgruntled conservatives and Tea Partiers can come together once again and have a future.

The GOP owns no moral high ground. Until it grows up enough to end its puerile preoccupation with controlling events in the bedroom and below the waist by government edicts, it has no future. Unless it recognizes its hypocrisy by demanding and making certain officeholders take their oaths to the Constitution seriously, there is no longer a “party.” And the youth of America know this.

"To the morally inverted, war appears as a quick, clear path to the top." -- Preston Parker