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Comment: Tisha, you have a heart of gold.

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Tisha, you have a heart of gold.

I doubt you will listen to a word I say, but I will say it anyway. The states and counties are no better than the Fed. The farmers around here are ALL catching on the Agenda 21 - it was the COVER story for the local "Ag Weekly" last week. And still... the guy sitting in the P&Z office (who happens to be the FEMA director... what a coinky-dink!) still has more power than all the farmers in this agriculture based community. Sure, we have a Sheriff who says he won't obey "Un-Constitutional orders" about the second amendment, but he will not bat an eye at evicting someone off their own land if they put a composting toilet in.
The battlefield is in your backyard, literally. Grow your own liberty. It not only grows on trees, but on tomato plants and squashes. "Politics" at any level is about one person getting control over a group of people - it will never be the path to liberty.
To be clear, I DO think it is worth occupying every elected seat we can, but unless and until the election process is totally revamped, it is a lost battleground. And in the end, it comes back to self governance. If I do not secure my own liberty, I am not really free. And once I secure my own liberty, why would I elect someone to rule over me? The moral thing at that point is to help others secure their liberty, not join the ranks of slaves.
Which brings me to Monsatan. This is about the ultimate form of slavery - if you cannot feed yourself, you are as dependent upon the government as a newborn child is upon its mother. Grow your own r3volution.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.