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Comment: Trolls are here....and they don't even know who they are.

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Trolls are here....and they don't even know who they are.

I am a professional in this field and I have given you sources for what I am saying. It is sad, I really liked this site. It's too bad that you are all supporting what you say you are not.

Hopping on the band wagon and thinking that way is why nothing ever gets done out at Hanford. It's not that dangerous. But whining pussies who don't realize that their own habits in their daily lives result in more radiological doses have bitched their way to the top making it impossible to do anything without miles of bureaucratic paperwork that means nothing to the overall safety of the workers. Then the unions and the government workers come in and soak up half the funding that actually gets shit done.

How dare you guys discredit the efforts to cleanup the Hanford site. It's just like the war in Iraq. I never agreed with it but I never took it out on the soldiers who went there. If private industry were to take over cleanup I would still be working it. I want to make a difference for my local area the Columbia River corridor.