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Comment: White people have been conditioned by

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White people have been conditioned by

government(public education) and tv/hollywood (programming) to feel guilt over things that happened long before most people now were even born. I attribute that to TPTB wanting to divide and then conquer - and TPTB have certainly succeeded only because we as a nation LET THEM.

What most blacks also fail to realize, or maybe "refuse to accept out of convenience", is that it was their own people/race/culture/(pick a word) that sold them out in to slavery. Many blacks want reparations for things that happened to their great-great-grandparents, and hence they feel "entitled" to them. Maybe reparations should be paid by those that actually sold them in the first place?

Many blacks fail to realize that "THIS" is the continued mentality that "keeps them down" - not "the man". If they were to take some self-responsibility, then they could get out of poverty and succeed. But it's SOOO much easier the other way, isn't it?, or free money & benefits?

As for white people, I've noticed they've progressed quite a bit in terms of self-respect and guilt over race since the 70's and 80's. Unlike the blacks in my original post, they've also progressed, but just not at the same rate. And all these protests show that.

The point I've been trying to make is that there are also many blacks that do take self-responsibility and succeed. They can also motivate themselves for certain selective marches. How can we reach them? It's a process that would benefit all of us as a nation.