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Comment: Some days, it hits close to home.

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Some days, it hits close to home.

When I began to see how many rabbit holes came together, I started looking at my own family. It is no longer contained to the families that started it, they have control of our schools, churches, social clubs, media and government. There are little Nazis running around doing the bidding of the tyrants without ever realizing that is what they do. The guy in the toll booth on the turnpike, he's just "doing his job." His job just happens to be to inhibit free travel for the sake of the banksters. The woman taking Food Stamps applications - she is trying to help the poor, probably has no idea she is the front line in JPMorgan's attempt to bleed a little money out of those who have none. My family includes people who helped IBM become the respected company it is.... I doubt any of them had any clue, but if I told them now, they would excuse it with "That was then" and not see their hand in the crimes at all.
The "professional blind spot" is the hardest truth to see. When each individual looks in the mirror, and asks "How am I part of the tyranny?" we will be working together for liberty. Until then, it is a finger pointing blame fest that changes nothing.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.