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Comment: What Jane Fonda Did in North Vietnam Was Wrong

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What Jane Fonda Did in North Vietnam Was Wrong

As most military conflicts go, the Vietnam War was unnecessary. This article states that Barbara Walters said, "Many died in Vietnam for our freedoms." That is a truthful statement because I enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1966 to provide support to stop the spread of communism. I knew that communism denies private property ownership and claims the ultimate right to possess all things material. An ideology that is anathema to democracy.

I was 18 years old and like many of my peers back then trusted what the federal government said, "communism must not be allowed to spread in southeast Asia." Just like monetary policy, I knew nothing about the underpinnings of how economic and financial markets work. The government waved the red white and blue in my face and I joined under the pretense of "defending our freedoms."

Jane Fonda chose the worst possible way to object to the war; she consorted with the enemy. She used her popularity to protest the war but her agenda was to promote communism in America. She did that successfully but then went all Hollywood and went to North Vietnam. She took her political agenda out on U.S. army and Marine POW's; young men who were naive and believed in their government's foreign policy propaganda. Her act was self-serving and contemptible.

Many Hollywood celebrities act this way today. They have mediocre talent and pick a social cause to draw attention to themselves so that some movie producer will consider them for a leading role in a film.

Jane Fonda is ignorant about independence, personal liberty and how freedom drives a healthy economy. She believes in the State and its unbridled power to enforce the will of oligarchs under the pretense of what is best for the American people. She does not deserve any accolades or praise for her despicable actions.