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Comment: Two interesting things...

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Two interesting things...

The first is that Rothbard got this wrong.

The second is the example about a person being partially a pattern.

To the extent that I am a pattern---the portion of me that is simply a pattern---I do not own myself. If someone else can take raw materials and create a "copy" of me, I don't own it, and I don't have any desire to own it.

Of course, I view it as highly unlikely that people would develop such a thing as the technology to copy the consciousness of a person outside the framework of an artificial and immoral system of coercion like the one which has produced nuclear bombs and genetic engineering, i.e., the one that we have involving intellectual property, copyright, patents, taxes, wars, etc.. If we could simply keep control of our own matter/cells/nuclei, we would not have to worry about people doing such counterproductive and destructive things with other matter.