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Comment: How Ron Paul is winning

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How Ron Paul is winning

“Ron Paul Won” are the words of Robin Koerner from his August 29, 2012 DP post. He states, “To my liberty and peace-loving friends, I urge that our responsibility in November is to put the mainstream on notice that the Independent, post-partisan middle is now liberty-dominated and large enough to turn elections…If the mainstream knows this, they will be forced – out of shear self-interest and love of power - to give civil rights, peace and real markets more than lip-service. Remember, in a two-party system, the candidate who wins over the median swing voter wins the election. Controlling the “politics of the middle” therefore offers disproportionate political influence.”

Koerner’s posit about the “median swing voter” ties in with the “Grand Shi Strategy of Ron Paul,” the Forbes Op/Ed by Mark Spitznagel, written a month earlier on July 29, 2012. Spitznagel uses the Chinese board game weiqi (pronounced “way-chee”) to point out that the better strategy is to aim for the middle of the board with a purposeful long term strategy vs. grabbing the outer edges which short-term strategy was used by the Romney campaign and the GOP establishment.

After Romney’s election loss we heard numerous opinions from the media that it was the Libertarian wing of the GOP that would most influence the direction of the GOP. Rand Paul is now polling right after Rubio as the favored GOP frontrunner for 2016. While the more purist DP Libertarians would question Rand being the best person to represent Libertarians, nonetheless he is now the leading voice in the GOP (polling right behind Rubio as the favored GOP 2016 POTUS candidate) calling for smaller, limited government. I see this as part of Ron Paul’s strategy in laying the groundwork so that Constitutional Conservatives and Libertarians would have a strong voice in 2016.
Let’s not forget that Ron Paul’s support among the young will count going forward. The potential in them (which Spitznagel compare to “stones” on the Chinese board) cannot be underestimated as it provides an advantage over the old establishment guard in the long run.
Spitznagel: ”Black, employing the indirect and circuitous shi strategy, seeks future opportunistic potential, rather than applying direct force like the chess player bent on annihilation. Although white has scored at least 13 points out of the gate, and black has scored nothing, black is well-positioned for an eventual, but patient victory. Thus, the future-oriented shi meets the present-oriented li—and wins. “