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Comment: Choosing pure theory is dangerous

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Choosing pure theory is dangerous

Even though some "Lockeans" may agree that violent revolution is a right in theory, and if we existed in a vacuum, more people would probably advocate this. But I think practically, we have to prioritize our lives; and in many cases, protecting ourselves and our families may be a higher priority than upholding principles of theory. Those advocating violent revolution are definintely subjecting themselves and their families to harm by arrest or worse. That is one of the reasons I hold the American revolutionaries in high esteem, because they literally sacrificed their lives (and the lives of their families) for the cause they believed in, which is something very few people are actually willing to do.

And many Lockeans may also feel that they can advance a revolutionary cause in a non-violent way, through education, debate, peaceful protest, etc. In this way you can balance the belief in revolutionary theory while protecting yourself and your family in the real world also. To purists, this may be seen as a sell-out, but many of our real-life choices are sell-outs of some manner. Most choices we make in life must balance some opposing desires.