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Comment: Rothbard Supports the State?

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Rothbard Supports the State?

A made a post about this here:

Here is the post as I think it is relevant to this thread and would be curious to hear people's responses.


There has been a lot of discussion regarding the IP “debate” between Wenzel and Kinsella. One of the main arguments on the pro IP side has been that Rothbard supported IP in its current form.

I cant understand how anyone who has actually read Rothbard can take this position seriously. I recently read Rothbard’s “for a new liberty” which outlines his entire philosophy for a free society. It is entirely anti-state. His whole outlook is how to create a world without any state at all.

It seems completely unreasonable to take his position in ethics of liberty regarding what he labels copyright in a completely stateless free market based on contract law and turn that into support for a gigantic state enforced patent and copyright system based on authoritarianism.

Does anyone seriously believe Rothbard would support modern state-based IP with all the police state and bureaucracy that would be required to enforce it?