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You are right about the war,

You are right about the war, English is my second language, in my native language they have the same name.

Why do we have a drivers licence? if we were to remove it do you think there would still be the same amount of accidents? A license purpose is not to generate money for the state, it's to reduce the amount of accidents, it's just to teach people how to handle whatever the licence is for. The gun safe is mainly to keep it from minors or from being stolen by burglars when you are not at home. Also there is nothing stopping you from keeping the gun under your pillow even if you have a safe.

I was unsure where I stood on the issue in the first place also I was not speaking about the USA specifically until paragraph 4. My conclusion was that USA should not use it. Why? you might ask, because they have created people like you who don't have any trust in their government. Government must build up that trust before they can do anything like that or they will further increase the risk of a revolutionary war (thanks for that correction btw).

Lastly I define government transparency as allowing everyone to see what they are doing, and they are terrible at doing that