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Comment: People understand you Anarchists just fine.

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People understand you Anarchists just fine.

That's why your ideas are dead and why some of you see the liberty movement as dead. The liberty movement is not dead, but the Anarchist movement is. The only time it had any life (if ever) was when you could hide behind liberty minded people pretending that you want to restore our Republic and defend the Constitution.

Not any more though... Like I said, people understand you Anarchists just fine.

It's about purpose, and an Anarchist doesn't serve the Liberty Movements purpose. They serve their own purpose and are now recognizing that purpose as dead.

You really would be better off advocating violence, because since you can't win the public debate and reject the very concept of government, mob violence is your only chance. (It ALWAYS was your only chance.)

Stop being a coward and hiding behind pacifism. Nobody believes an Anarchist is a pacifist. They're just liars and frauds who don't have a big enough mob to hide in.

Don't "opt out", GET OUT while you can. Put your money where your mouth is and vote with your legs, because that's ultimately what Anarchy is; voting with your legs and running away from one tyrant only to find yourself facing another.