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at 7:26 "The largest piece I

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"The largest piece I believe I saw was maybe 2 x 3 ft., and it was crumpled. I believe that is the piece that everybody sees with a blue had red paint on it like a logo."

So he saw debris, albeit mostly small debris that he could not make out what it is. He saw that piece that above. He saw a small mechanical arm, some thought could be part of the landing gear. I mean, what does this guy really provide for evidence? Yeah he estimates the hole small, but it's him (a cameraman) estimating from a distance. The hole seems to be bigger than that to me in these pictures.

He did not get up close, he said he knew to stay back out of the way. The vast majority of wreckage is inside the building as you would expect with a plane flying 500 mph into it. If you through a baseball through a window would you expect parts of baseball outside the window? No, it would be inside where the momentum carried it.

Just come to terms here shark. Look at the difference in evidence. This does not change anything about beliefs that elements of our or other governments were involved. This thread has convinced me even more that AA flt 77 hit the Pentagon, as no one has provided any good real evidence that it didn't. The only thing anyone provided that I don't remember seeing before is the cockpit door deal, and wasn't hard to find that was faulty info as well.

Find anything else, I'll take a look.