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Comment: I'm so glad you brought Allyn up - what are your conclusions

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I'm so glad you brought Allyn up - what are your conclusions

from this article?

What about this article that exposes Allyn in a lie?:

"Of course, the idea that we should give any credit to the words of someone who was immediately called by the Pentagon to come and "assess the damage" and who went on to make millions from the reconstruction project is laughable. Kilsheimer was also the "government's man" at the Oklahoma Federal Building bombing and the first WTC bombing. Coincidence?" -Also taken from the last article

"Credible Opinions":
So we have Stubblebine, a former 2 star General whose "actual job" it was to take measurements based on photographs, an expert if you will, and was the head of Intel/Psyops, who has been careful not to say anything that he can not prove, and which stands nothing to gain by doing so vs Allyn, who has been discredited as a liar, and as someone who profited to the tune of millions.

"But nothing about physical inspection, nothing about missile, talking solely about his judgement from photographs."

For the third and final time, I will refer to you to the video that I originally provided where he contradicts your statements about measurements and "proving", NOT think, but "prove" that it was NOT an airplane. He CAN PROVE it, but he does not have PHYSICAL EVIDENCE (only the government does correct?). It's obvious from your continued statements that you have either not watched it, or not understood that part. The video you keep providing is 5 minutes long, where as the one I keep referring to is just under 20 minutes.

You keep bringing up "evidence" over and over again. You do realize that ANY and ALL physical evidence and video was supposed to be turned over as part of the criminal investigation, do you not? What do you think would happen if someone stated they had actual "physical evidence"? Do you think the government would just let that slide and not pursue criminal charges? What's happened to the eye witnesses that have so far contradicted the government? One way or another, they've all been silenced permanently. The only reason Bradley Manning is alive is because the evidence had already gone viral.

If you're asking someone to provide evidence against the mafia, which owns the justice system, and its enforcers, you're not going to get far, for if the evidence actually exists, it's most likely been destroyed and witnesses silenced. Having said that, without evidence, it can be proven scientifically/mathematically.

Here's a separate video you may like, in case you haven't seen it before: