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Comment: I think at this point it is

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I think at this point it is

I think at this point it is more appropriate to use bitcoin as a temporary store of wealth combined with more traditional stores like physical PM's. So I put some money into bitcoins and some into PM's and some I even put in the bank. The money I put into bitcoin has outperformed the others by an incredible margin. Or rather, it would if I cashed it out. I have been studying bitcoin for months because I really want to understand it and I am impressed by a few things likethe fact that it can't be counterfeited and is not susceptible to the same type of manipulations we are used to seeing in dollars and PM's. But I am not putting anything into it that I couldnt afford to lose tomorrow, which is the same rule I use for PM's and bank deposits so if one goes to zero, hopefully one of the others will go to the moon. Long story short, I love it and I think the potential is huge for it to disrupt the central banks of the world and I'm all about that. I even talked my retired mother into purchasing 6 bitcoins last week and she has almost doubled her money already.