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Comment: Does anyone else have the urge to vomit when listening to this

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Does anyone else have the urge to vomit when listening to this

guy speak? It's like Bush all over again. Every time either of these guys speak in public, its like nails on a chalk board.

This statement of "gov is us" is so ridiculously stupid. Lets just assume that elections are not rigged and bought and paid for in this country and that corporations were not in bed with the gov. Dems complain about corporations being evil. On could argue corporations were also ran by us the people. Dems and reps are to stupid to realize the money we spend on the goods and or services provided by these corporations is no different then a vote for that them. The more money (monetary voters) we send them, the more power they have. Dems complain all day about walmart, but many of them still continue to shop there. Idiots....

I am all for calling out the bad corporations taking advantage of people. But lets not forget this, corporations without gov cannot force anyone to buy their goods and services. Example: Insurance companies are loving Obamacare as now the gov is mandating people to buy premium insurance. Gov elections are stolen and voter fraud is rampant.