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Comment: Political vs. Economic Activisim

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Political vs. Economic Activisim

This is a very good point to make. I don't think the site ownership should necessarily be the government but the responsibility for the clean-up I do. I am interested in what other libertarians think about this. I can't figure out the alternative without government funding so it kills me as a libertarian. There is no economic benefits from waste cleanup so to believe that free markets would take care of this is a hard pill for me to swallow.

I honestly don't care who is the owner of the site, I care about the future of the environment around my local area.

Firstly, this is something that was created by our US government and should have been taken care of during the generations that it was created.

But, much in the way our national debt works, even though we may be paying the debt generated well before our own generation we are all still concerned with paying it off now. Likewise, I think regardless of what generations are responsible for the waste out at Hanford many people want to see it cleaned up. Especially people like me who are living here now.