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Comment: No, it is not.

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No, it is not.

The drug says right on the label that it may cause suicidal and homicidal behavior. To take a sad person, put them on this drug and have them become a mass murderer, then BLAME THE SAD PERSON is exactly what Pharma and "mental health professionals" are counting on.
It is not "a percentage" of these shooters, it is all of them. How many NON-medicated "mentally ill" people go on murder rampages? (I will guess none, since I have never seen any news story about it, and they would be on it like stink on $#it if they had such a story.)
This is what makes me so sad for people who REALLY want help with depression. If they seek "professional" help, there is a very real chance they will wind up committing suicide and everyone will blame them, even if they had never had a suicidal thought before the drugs, and even though the drug says right on the label that it might make them kill someone.
Why do you tolerate your neighbors being given drugs that might make them homicidal? I want to ask everyone in this country who wants to take guns from the mentally ill that question. You take their guns, they will find another weapon. Get them off the mind warping drugs and our communities will be safer.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.