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Comment: As has been pointed out, they

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As has been pointed out, they

As has been pointed out, they will bring the violence. You won't have to. They already are. Just have to wait until they can no longer whitewash it with the masses and the masses realize what has been done to them.

But there's another reason. If you adhere to the NAP the last thing you want to do is start a new society on the seeds of immorality.

When the masses wake up, it will be ugly. It could well be when the debt crisis comes. The state will no longer be able to fund anything but it's own apparatus of coercive control.

Some of you won't like this, but I do believe we need to stand ready to stand against vengeance against the tools of the bad guys. Killing them in rage will solve nothing, and the real stolen wealth won't be in their hands. I'm not sure I would go as far as risking life or limb, but where words can avail we should.

Our job will be to say let it never again be so. Never let them have the power to steal, kill, and enslave and they never will. The problem isn't who controls the power. The problem is the power exists at all. If it exists, it will be used first to steal, then to enslave, then to murder.

Collective power is usurping the power and rights and property and life of fellow men. It is evil by nature.

Those who control collective power are evil even when, especially when, they think they are not.

There is no exception. There are no angels to give power to. There never will be.