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Comment: According to Michael Nystrom

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According to Michael Nystrom

9/11 truthers just want to see things their way, and 9/11 debunkers just want to see things their way.

I totally disagree.

9/11 debunkers are all PHONY trolls planted by whoever 'did' 9/11.

I have studied this issue far more than most and I can say without any reasonable doubt that the twin towers didn't collapse, they exploded.

Proof is this. If the buildings collapsed, then there would be mountains of debris and bodies, body parts, computers, office furniture and concrete/other building material where the 'collapse' occurred.

If on the other hand the WTC exploded floor by floor from the top down, there would be nothing left except tiny fragments.

Re-watch the towers video again, clearly the towers exploded floor by floor from the top down. Examine the evidence again, if you must, the fact is though most of the remains of the WTC are tiny fragments.

Almost all of the remains of the many thousands dead are just tiny fragments, and many of the dead, more than 1000 never had ANY of their remains recovered.

When the highway collapsed in the bay area during the big quake of '89, the freeway 'pancaked' on top of the other freeway, but when they got the wreckage cleared away, the FULL REMAINS of the dead were recovered.

Those that argue 9/11 is a conspiracy theory, lie.

The noose is tightening around the necks of those who did 9/11 and those who have been part of the cover-up, and the liberty movement is the noose.

That is why we are demonized by the political status Quo as 'terrorists'.