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Here is what you are telling me....

....2 million people out of 40 million who take these drugs, have committed murder because of the medication they take? You are really stretching, by a couple million actually.
You may have read the story yesterday about the man who died after getting his wistom teeth out. Or how about the countless people who die because the cancer treatment kills them before the cancer? How about the small, extremely small percentage of people who have fatal complications during numerous other routine procedures. Do we stop pulling wisdom teeth, treating cancer, doing hip replacements, etc. because an extremely small percentage of unique people had uncommon reactions to those otherwise helpful medical procedures?
Now I'm not even saying I support the use of most of those drugs and antidepressants, but the math simply doesn't add up in your favor in this argument. You guys are using a very high profile case to put guilt on a broad range of products. What you are doing is nothing different than the gun control folks who take these incidents and blame the murders on the guns rather than the people. They want to ban the guns, you want to ban the drugs.
Both of you want to take the rights away from the millions of other people who those drugs and guns help, becaue you assume the drugs are the cause, just like they assume the guns are the case.

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