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Thanks for asking.

Here is one I found by googling "black box warning paxil." I'm adding it for instruction, will link labels below.
See if you can spot the 1. Medical negligence (It is NOT permitted for MEDICAL doctors to knowingly give drugs that will make a patient's condition worse.) and 2. The cognitive dissonance, the way the patient is blamed for anything that MIGHT go wrong before they are ever put on the drug.
OK, here's a hint on that last one:
“We continue to believe, however, that these drugs provide significant benefits for pediatric patients when used appropriately,” he told reporters."
So, if the kid uses it APPROPRIATELY, the doctors can guarantee no ill effects, right? No, not right. The people who succumb to these devastating side effects are usually taking the drug as prescribed. When they complain of symptoms, the doctors try several different drugs rather than stop the drug, because stopping the drugs.... wait for it.... may cause psychosis. (I'll get you that link too.)
Here the NIMH admits the people at risk are NOT those taking it improperly, but rather "for unknown reasons, they may trigger agitation and abnormal behavior in certain individuals."
Here is one more thing: You will hear people say "only in kids" but that is NOT TRUE.

OK - here is the actual Paxil package insert:
You will find the risk of "psychosis" listed under the nervous system. along with "withdrawal syndrome."
This article describes how "withdrawal syndrome" can include psychosis: Really, These "doctors" think giving depressed people something that might make them psychotic if they take it AND if they stop - that is OK.

Here is the history of these killer cures:

And if you have not ever been to, please go.

THANK YOU for taking a moment to look down this bunny hole. It may save someone's life some day.

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