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Comment: PTSD cannot be cured, but it

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PTSD cannot be cured, but it

PTSD cannot be cured, but it can be managed and, as veteran suicides indicate, spoonfeeding our returning vets pharmaceuticals does not help.

The anti-depressant list of many patients; Paxil, Zoloft, Prozac, Lexapro, etc it goes on through the whole list of about 12. The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) reported that antidepressant dangers caused a whole bunch of very bad adverse side effects including anxiety, depression, addiction, severe withdrawal, homicidal rage and suicide. These PTSD Veterans don’t need these adverse effects on top of PTSD.

There is a serious conflict of interest here. Not only does the profitable Pharma Industry have pocket politicans, it now has pocket physicians. Psychological distress is part of a normal human response to overwhelming experiences. Only when symptoms are severe, or last too long, is the response considered pathological. In the majority of people, symptoms progressively resolve over the first few months. Not all people who experience trauma require treatment. Severe traumatic events rarely leave the individual unaffected, but the majority of survivors adapt without developing enduring symptoms. It's as if we have medicalized human nature, for the proffitable gain of the Industry.

Feeling depressed? fatigued? dazed? stressed? fat? Here's a pill, don't worry about the side effects. See you next month for your refill.