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Thanks Sov

Maybe we should take a closer look at the last 220 years. The same mistake was repeated. It has never been necessary to allow government on any level to be a Debtor.

Yet the Constitution specifically permits debt and selling securities. Never once in 220 years has our survival been threatened in any meaningful way, where giving Congress debt authority "saved the day".

Instead it has been endless debt and promises to pay interest forever, is a threat to survival.

Compounding the error in the Constitution the States ratified the 14th Amendment. The Federal government needed to conquer the Southern States, recharter them to get the power to create unquestionable debts.

US history is pockmarked with bankruptcies buried beneath the Grand Ole Flag.

These mistakes can be corrected by prohibiting any government from incurring any debts. Over 220 years it always ends badly for liberty, indebted governments go bankrupt. The same is true the world over.

Not a principle but an empirical fact.

Well, now Iv'e solved that problem, at least for me, I'll get to the chicken cages!


Free includes debt-free!