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Comment: Not at all.

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Not at all.

Considering my join date isn't necessarily far from yours, I guess it cannot be a noob question.

In the almost two years I have read here I have never come across this post. If somehow it has been posted one million times then I apologize, the good news is I can repost it if I want.

Also to note, I was an paratrooper in the 82nd ABN as an infantryman for about 5 years, good sir I don't need you to come save me rest assured.

To clarify however, no you are wrong on your assumptions. I was actually waiting to read a false character assumption as well but you didn't go that far!

All in all, the question was that I read constantly people being afraid of violence as an option. My point was merely that it is well within our right according to Lockean Theory.

Therefore the question was, what personal threshold needed to be broken in order for people to consider it an option.

Now please, take your foot out of your mouth.