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Comment: Pretty busy schedule!

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Pretty busy schedule!

A lot going on for the MA Liberty Crew.
Honestly the Leah Cole election was a major step forward and many remnants of the Ron Paul 2012 contingency stepped up and played a MAJOR role in helping the campaign. We are now a force here in MA, and the establishment knows it. They scoffed at us during the primary and lost, they barely lifted a finger to help the campaign, and we proved we can get a Republican elected here in blue Massachusetts. It wasn't just liberty that got her elected, but a coalition that worked together WITHOUT any major help from the state party. This is the blueprint model that should help build up the crew again since Ron left the scene.

Thanks again, this is fun. Go Paddy Dolan! Go Evan Kenney! Go Oath Keepers! Go Get 'em Leah!