Comment: Never invest in "nothing" if you want to store or create value.

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Never invest in "nothing" if you want to store or create value.

That's why I suggest ByteTurds instead of BitCoins. ByteTurds are easier to understand.

ByteTurds are better because there really are people who consider an Anarchist eating turds to be something of value. I see mining BitCoins as creating nothing of value.

That makes ByteTurds better than BitCoins in my book.

Imagine it... An entire economy based on a digital currency born from an Anarchist eating a conman's shit rather than trying to buy something with it. It's perfect. Anarchists will find their proper place in the world and the rest of us will have a sound digital currency to barter with.

Without government force, I'd laugh in a conman's face if they tried to settle a debt with BitCoins or FRN's, but I'd have to think twice if they offered me ByteTurds.

The beauty is that it's the conmen themselves who create the value from nothing, and they get to freely trade that value in a free market. Everybody wants to use fake money to buy something with nothing, so let the BitConners create something of value for once.

Do I profit from an Anarchist eating my turds? No, but the Aanrchist will.

I say people will recognize ByteTurds as money because they'll understand how it was created and recognize the value in it.