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Comment: I liked this Video

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I liked this Video

I see and understand it's points. It was a good video.

The problem that I see is, the video creator underestimates the power of the Mass Media, which I believe becomes the game changer.

For example, back in the American Revolution times, you didn't have Mass Media telling people how to think, and slapping convenient labels on dissenters to keep the population under control.

An intellectual revolution seems almost impossible, because any ground that you or I make in convincing people about the reality of the situation, will be washed out by the "always truthful propaganda box".

While I agree that he is right, you have to agree on something, and you need the will of the people on your side, exactly how do you achieve that when certain groups of people can brainwash the masses at will?

Oh and also, his jab that supposedly it is mostly middle schooled teens thinking these things, is ridiculous. I am sure most, if not all DPers have had this thought in one form or another.