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Comment: Kind of a puerile argument.

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Kind of a puerile argument.

Like a football team without a coach. Every player all for himself with no agreements to work on. Have you ever seen a group cohese without a leader?

Do you have a more useful view of a road from a driver's seat or by being a wheel?

For lack of willingness to "have a leader" you have "leaders" that are screwing you. Somehow you seem unable to reconcile this.

Sooner or later liberty lovers will get together behind a handful of principles and agree to disagree about the rest of the stuff and leaders will emerge that drive the whole thing. It will be out of necessity to survive.

Where will you be? Sitting back being individuated because you can't have or be a leader?

You share your view with all those who fear the liberty movement gaining a leader. The day that it does their fears will be justified and fulfilled.