Comment: The more downvotes you get in the beginning with this one...

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The more downvotes you get in the beginning with this one...

... the more certain you can be that you have hit the nail on the head.

Is Big sis a great general? No. She does what she is told and unfortunately it is irritatingly effective. Did fast and fasscist have great generals? They just did what they were paid and told to do; and also nauseatingly effective. Do you have great leaders anywhere at the top of the country? Take an honest look and see. You have some effective ones but where are they taking you? (compare that also to where they say they are taking you -- there are mind-blowing chasms).

All you need for a good general is someone who can face the limelight and get things done! You can form a group that says "these are the 5 or 10 or 20 most important things to get done. Structures obviously will allow 10x the results. You need 100+ times results. Your rules can say, "do this if you want the job, or step aside and let someone who will do it do it".

The need for generals and organization is self-evident. The downvoters know that too. They are not part of the group you want to organize, however they present themselves. This is just too self-evident. They are part of those who fear that you will get organized and they are trying to divert others from agreeing to be organized. If I don't get down votes from them for this I will be disappointed, as you should be.

Sooner or later, out of sheer necessity the sparks you make now will ignite -- and that will happen because of what you doing now. You are doing the right thing.