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Off and on

For 10 years. They were always changing the drug/doseage to find what was "right" for me and I never actually felt "right" despite that. My problem was actually hormonal due to severe endometriosis.

You really need to look into the studies that have been done showing where as much as 10% of the population isn't able to metabolize these meds correctly due to genetic abnormalities causing them to have large amounts of the drug build up in their system. These drugs alter the chemicals in you brain which can affect different people different ways. It's like Russian roulette.

I do believe that it's not likely that any drug (legal or not) will turn someone into a killer unless they were prone to violence anyway, but I know from experience that some do lower inhibitions even in adults. Why would you think they wouldn't have an even more powerful effect on the brain of a teenager whose brain is already overloaded with hormones?

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