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You're misled

At no time in history have the people had the power they currently hold over things like the internet.

There is simply no way possible that the internet can be stopped at this point. If one small town in the entire world fails to abide by 'the command' to shut it down, their systems will stay running. Sure they may not get a connection to a site across the country but the info is still there. Even shutting down the single failure point (DNS - domain naming service) would only serve to delay it while the still on routers rebuild the lists.

And... If that wasn't enough, just like Egypt(?) did during their internet shut-down, we could always redirect our cell phones to mesh together and keep communications going. The software has already been adopted by nearly 2 million people globally. How would they kill 2 million cell phones from being turned on and talking directly to another cell without using any tower?

And electricity? Please. I think someone has underestimated the off-grid movement that's been accelerating for the last decade. Even whole towns are off-grid now.

Still think it's BS? Probably so because you're not seeing this from the opportunity side like it really is.