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The JURY has the right to JUDGE the LAW

per Linda Thompson according to the Indiana State Constitution.

Joe, I think you will find the information in this discussion interesting because you are interested in the law.

This interview takes place 10 days prior to the surviving Dividian trial. Linda Thompson's voice does not have the energy it did in the earlier interviews IMO. It causes me to realize the tremendous burder she is under.

She also discusses Panama and US tanks running over cars with families in them and mass graves dug and discusses the media that the DoD (I think) flew down to video it all. I think she says it is same media as Waco. I have listened 2 times but I cannot relay exact details and I am writing fast as I have to do dinner now.

I was thinking also that since you and Mike are doing a Law Dog discussion he may be interested in the info in that interview. I think you will really like it. The 2nd half of the interview is where the law discussion is mostly found.

Also, I did a wiki on Linda Thompson recently to see what it says. I find the last information available on her interesting:

"Thompson soon cancelled the march.[10] Later she was arrested for blocking a President Bill Clinton motorcade in Indianapolis and several weapons were found in her automobile.[2][3]"

That information causes me to feel concerned for her well-being.